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Live medical recording and broadcasting at your fingertips


Live surgery inthe box

Everything you need – easy to manage with HD quality results.

This fully autonomous AV interface provides the medical team complete control of live transmissions from the Cath Lab / Operating theatre to a remote location either inside or outside the hospital. All video sources including pre- installed robotised cameras and medical monitors ( Angiograms, Haemodynamics, IVUS etc ) can be simultaneously captured, enabling the hospital full autonomy during any live procedure.

Thanks to its multitouch control and direct management of different video sources, Medinbox is perfectly adapted to the medical environment. From open heart surgery to Angioplasty and many other complex medical procedures, Medinbox guarantees an easy to use, fast and effective solution for all live medical transmissions or recorded cases.

Big Features in a small package

Video recordingfor doctors

After installing your Medinbox, you can film and diffuse your live surgery or recorded cases with autonomy, whatever your specialty : interventional cardiology, surgery, orthopedics, radiology, neurosurgery...

Medinbox's intuitive touch interface gives you easy to use features… and though filmmakers cannot easily become doctors, with Medinbox, medical doctors can instantly become filmmakers.

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Live broadcastfor in house workshops or congresses

Medinbox allows you to share locally or worldwide your live patient procedures or recorded surgery. Your videos can be transmitted live and in HD from the Cath Lab or operating theatre to either a local training facility or shared with colleagues anywhere around the globe – all at the touch of a button.

Medinbox is therefore your ideal partner for training and conferencing.

Live broadcast
Dr Sukhjinder Nijjer MRC Clinical Research Fellow, Specialist Registrar in Cardiology

« We wanted to apply an innovative and unique solution to providing medical education and showing physicians around the world the various techniques for selecting and treating artery blockages. This is why we chose Medinbox, a cutting edge audio-visual solution to filming and broadcasting medical procedures to any venue worldwide...»